Movie Box App Download 2017 – MovieBox for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS)

Movie Box is an app that has the potential to truly transform the way we consume multimedia content while we are on the move. Not only can you easily catch up with your favorite TV shows while you are either not at your home or traveling, but you can also watch those newly released movies that you’re not able to watch because of being busy. Take a look at what MovieBox really is and read the post fully to know more about the app. We will also mention everything in detail and tell you how to install it and download it for iPhone and iPad.

What’s the Movie Box App? Everything You Need to Know!

Movie Box is an all in one media source that made XMBC more simplified. MovieBox is an app that lets you stream videos, movies, shows from a wide range of collection and with high quality. You can choose the quality of streaming and then enjoy watching your favorite movies, videos and so on. MovieBox is an app that is free of cost so if you want to download it you can easily do it by following the steps given in this post. MovieBox is so good that it can easily turn out to be your one of the favorite apps for entertainment and multimedia consumption. This application is for jailbroken iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. It is a similar app like XMBC which allows you to watch any TV show and movie shows costing you absolutely nothing.

Let’s open up a few more things about MovieBox. When you open the MovieBox app for the first time you will see it’s displaying a list of recent movies that has been added into it. It also includes a list of TV Shows in it and furthermore, it has music and music videos as well. If you scroll further down at the bottom left you will see updating going on and once it finishes up with all the updates you will get the more recent addition of TV shows, movies which mean it will never let you miss any recent releases and keeps you updated.

With continuous updates, it helps you to keep a track on all the recent episodes of your favorite TV Shows. If you have a mood for watching movies you have to click on it. It gives you the option for view quality, languages and then you can either download it or as per your choice you can even stream it. The streaming option lets you download it with a lower or higher quality later, the way you like it.

The same thing applies for watching TV shows a well. While streaming your favorite TV Shows on MovieBox you can select your desired quality. When you click a particular TV Show to watch, it will first give you the list of seasons of that show from where you can choose your missed episodes to watch or if you haven’t watched any of them. Then you can stream and download the entire series as well. Two options will pop while you choose the seasons, one asking you to “watch now” and the other one to “download” option. So you can either watch or download later whenever you want or can download at that time to watch it later, which is absolutely your wish. Apart from these two options, it gives you quality and language options as well just like it gives while you stream or download movies from this MovieBox.

MovieBox is a very well maintained and popular app that keeps all the movie lovers up-to-date with the most current releases and includes all most everything that you might want in any entertainment app. It will never disappoint you and meet all your searches. So, now let’s talk about MovieBox app’s installation and download process so that you can enjoy all this on your iOS devices.

Movie Box App Download and Installation

MovieBox is a free application for movie lovers available on a store named “Cydia App Store”. This app is purely developed for movie geeks those who love to enjoy movies yet due to lack of time miss watching movies due to their busy schedules. It can be downloaded on iOS systems such as iPhone and iPad. With MovieBox App you can both watch and download your favorite movies. Along with this you can also watch the latest music videos or TV shows and can even download them. After downloading MovieBox App you no longer require a DVD or a Blu-ray player to watch your favorite movies. MovieBox App downloaded on an iPhone and iPad acts as a magical gateway to your favorite multimedia content directly on your device for playing videos and movies. After knowing this you might surely want to download and install MovieBox App.

MovieBox Download from Cydia – With Jailbreak

To download MovieBox app you first need to go to Cydia. After opening Cydia give it some to get loaded. Then head on to the sources section where you need to tap “edit” and then “add” and then type the source “” on the box and then choose “add source”.

After this, a box will appear with source warning written on it, from there click on the “add anyways” for installation. Now click return to go back to Cydia and choose “done” that is located on the top right where you will see the repository option, click on it then scroll down until you find MovieBox.

Once you find the MovieBox click on it then choose “install”. For confirmation wait for it to download and then the installation process where you get a “return to Cydia” option after a while. Click on it and you will be headed back to Cydia where you will find “open” option.

Open it to get a list of movies. One fact to tell here is, if you already have MovieBox App installed on iPhone or iPad then you will get a pop-up notification for an update while you try to download it as a reminder. But you will be unable to update it and that is because the domain name for MovieBox App has changed.

Now in order to update all you need to do is uninstall the MovieBox App by going back to Cydia. After heading back to Cydia locate the installed MovieBox app which is of the old version that you will be removing. Once you find it click on it to uninstall it. After finish uninstalling goes back to sources and click on “Refresh Repository” and then again install MovieBox.

This method is useful for all the users who has already got MovieBox app installed and are trying to update it. So, in order to do that, you have to install the latest repository with the new domain name.

Movie Box App for iPhone and iPad (iOS) – Without Jailbreak

If you are not willing to download MovieBox with jailbreak then there is another way of downloading MovieBox app other than downloading it with Cydia. To download MovieBox you can straight away go to the iPAWiND and search for MovieBox app or MovieBox and directly download it on your iOS 8 or iOS 7 devices. Or else you can also download MovieBox app simply from IPA file and sign in with iPAWiND to use the app on your iOS device. Here it allows you to install without jailbreak.

Download Steps:

  • First, go to “Settings” then “General” then “Date & Time” and then set your device date to September 1st, 2014.
  • After this download IPA file of MovieBox.
  • Now after doing this tap on the “install” option for downloading MovieBox app on your iOS set.
  • After this to launch the application click on the MovieBox app. While a message pops on the device, tap on the “trust” button when the “Un-trusted App Developer” appears.
  • If it asks for password type “moviebox”.
  • After successfully going through all the above steps you can now go back to your settings menu and set the date & time manually to current date or set the option to automatically.

MovieBox is a good app that works both on iOS device with and without jailbreak just by following few download steps. This installation process is tested on all iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 5s/5, iPhone 4s/4 and also on iPad.

New MovieBox for iPhone/iPad: No Crash, No Jailbreak

MovieBox is not any regular or any simple application; it is a special app for all the movie lovers who love to stay in touch with movies all the time. After having this app you need not worry about watching movies on your iOS.

  • First, click on this link . A website page opens on your device. Once the page is loaded now go to the bottom and click on the second tab and then scroll down where you will see app emulators and then scroll down further to find MovieBox. Once you see MovieBox tap on it to install MovieBox.
  • After this once again click the install button as it appears again on your screen. Once you finish with the two times tapping of installation option now click your home screen button.
  • After returning to your home screen find for MovieBox app icon, you will find waiting for the view that may take a while as it is still getting downloaded. After some time, the installing view will appear. The installation depends on the speed of your net connection.
  • Once the installation process is complete you will now see MovieBox on your device screen. Now tap on it. A box written “developer’’ blinks on your screen where it seeks you to trust the application. Go to your SettingsGeneral” segment and then scroll down to “Profiles and Device Management”.
  • Now after tapping on this management segment scroll to get the option “shanghai aozhi information”, tap on it.
  • After this, the screen page shows an option with “trust“. Click on it. A dialogue box will appear where you need to click on the “trust” button which means you trust this application.
  • Now after all this click on your home screen button and then find MovieBox app icon and tap on it to open.
  • You will see MovieBox perfectly working on your device. After opening have patience till it processes all the files on the application.
  • Now you will see all the movies, apps, TV Shows etc.

So this is how you can have MovieBox for iPhone and iPad. This whole MovieBox download process is without jailbreak and supports on your iOS device without any crash. Now you can enjoy all the latest releases of movies, shows, music videos. It will never let you go out of stock.

Download MovieBox App for iPad/iPhone via Mojo Installer

Good news for iOS users as the ones who are more into using Mojo Installer. You can install the latest version of working MovieBox using Mojo and have a great time with the recently updated latest version of the MovieBox app. So now you can download and install MovieBox through Mojo installer on your iPad and iPhone. So the iPhone users who are eagerly waiting to download this interesting MovieBox app for iPad or iPhone without jailbreak.

If you are a new user of iPhone or iPad then you need not worry either as here you will be given clear details about how to download this amazing MovieBox app on your iOS device. MovieBox is a great entertaining app to download or to watch movies and TV shows online for free.

MovieBox can be downloaded and installed on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS devices, as mentioned already. For jailbroken devices, we have used Cydia as it is the best installer to install MovieBox.

Mojo Installer is similar to Cydia but Mojo installer is useful for non-jailbroken devices to download MovieBox app. Therefore it is recommended that if you are a user of the latest version of Apple’s iOS devices then Mojo installer is the one to proceed with for downloading MovieBox.

Compatible iPhone devices to download Movie Box app via Mojo installer are, iPhone6/iPhone plus, iPhone 7plus/7, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 4S. For iPad compatible devices; iPad pro 12.9-inch, iPad pro 9-7-inch, iPad Air 4G, Air 2, iPad Air 2 & 3G, on all these versions it works.

Here is a list of versions of iOS device son which Movie Box download supports with Mojo installer:

  • iOS 9.3.1
  • iOS 9.3
  • iOS 9.2.1
  • iOS 9.2
  • iOS 9.1
  • iOS 9.0.2
  • iOS 9.0.1
  • iOS 9.0
  • iOS 10.0.2
  • OS 10.0.1
  • iOS 9.3.5
  • iOS 9.3.4
  • iOS 9.3.3
  • iOS 9.3.2
  • iOS 10.2
  • iOS 10.1.1
  • iOS 10.1
  • iOS 10.0.3
  • iOS 10.0.2

MovieBox can be downloaded on all these iOS versions if you are wondering will your device support the download for MovieBox on iPad and iPhone.

Steps to Download MovieBox Using Mojo Installer:

  • Steps1: First go visit the link and then from your iPhone or iPad device tap on the options button “install directly from your iDevice”.
  • Step2: After the above step now tap on the option “build custom profile
  • Step3: Now after this tap on the “install” and then again click “install” for confirmation
  • Step4: Now once you finish with the install confirmation tap on the “Install Mojo” option button that appears on your device screen.
  • Step5: After this, a page appears where you will find “install” option again, click on it and then click on the “next” option that comes after install.
  • Step6: After this gain tap on the option “install” and then again “install” to confirm the installation.
  • Step7: Once you go through all the above steps you will find a page appears written “profile installed”. In this page tap the “done” button to complete the whole process of Mojo installation. Now return to the home screen of your iPhone/iPad and you will find a new Mojo app icon got added on your app list.
  • Step8: Now click on the Mojo icon that you see on your screen in order to open Mojo installer. Once you tap on it, you will receive few welcome screens. The first welcome screen will have “hello” written on it and asks you to swipe left. Now just swipe on the following three screens as they appear one after another while you swipe left as per screen instruction.
  • Step9: After all this now click on “get started”. Now if you are directed to the page that says Mojo plus buying version then just tap on the :back to Mojo” iOS link.
  • Step10: Now click on the option “packages” that you will get on the top center of the screen. Then scroll down the list to find the MovieBox app. Once you find it simply tap on it to open.
  • Step11: Once all the above steps are done, a page will appear showing all the details of MovieBox app. If you wish to know more about MovieBox then you can just click on the “more info” option on that page that you will find o the bottom left of the screen. Then click “install” on top. Then again “install” as it appears.
  • Step12: Now you will find that the MovieBox app getting downloaded and installed on your device. Wait until the whole installation process completes. Once the process completes your device screen will soon have MovieBox icon on it now simply tap to open. But a box appears saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” which means you have trust the developer that follows.
  • Step13: In order to proceed with the app you need to trust first. So, to verify the developer go the settings section of your device and then “general”, then navigate to ‘’profiles & device management” and then trust the developer under the enterprise apps section.

That’s it, now MovieBox app is all ready to be installed on your device. If you successfully perform all the above steps as it is instructed you can enjoy MovieBox on your iPhone/iPad. Now just tap on the MovieBox app icon and watch all your movies, TV shows music videos that you have missing for a while. It will always keep you updated. Watch, download and stream videos, movies, etc whenever you want. The fight with your family members to watch your TV shows ends now as you can directly watch them on your device through MovieBox. Hope this download guide will prove to be helpful.

There are few download methods that you might be interested in, below are some of those download guides to help you through.

Install MovieBox for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) Using iOSEmus-Installer

By now after reading this content so far you must come to know that MovieBox is a popular online movies/video streaming app that lets you watch, download and stream latest episodes of TV shows, movies and latest releases of music videos as well. You can also watch the latest news directly on your device via MovieBox that without paying anything for this app. MovieBox is available on other platforms of smart phones as well, but this content is mainly focused on the download of MovieBox for iPhone and iPad.

MovieBox is not available on App Store, therefore, you need a variant way of downloading and installing MovieBox on your iOS device. Though installing MovieBox is much simpler in the case of jailbroken device, but no need to worry if you have a un-jailbroken device as here you will get all the installation procedure. This is a special way to download MovieBox using iOSEmus-installer on your iOS device without a jailbreak.

Here is another way to download and install MovieBox for iPad or iPhone using a popular iOSEmus installer. So, to all the movie lovers, once again if you are searching for another way of downloading MovieBox without jailbreak then here is the updated installer for having latest MovieBox for iPad/iPhone. It works on all the latest iOS devices without jailbreak. So if you are all ready to install MovieBox here is the guide to download it using iOSEmus Installer. Just go through the following steps and then you are all good to go with the MovieBox app.

This installation of MovieBox via iOSEmus supports iOS versions from iOS 5.0-iOS 10. With this installer, the download method of MovieBox is more convenient for iOS device with no jailbreak. Installing MovieBox via iOSEmus installer doesn’t crash while installing. With this method, you can also install the latest MovieBox 3.6.8 versions.

Device compatibility: The download of MovieBox supports on iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6S, 6S plus, 7Plus/7, 6/6Plus SE) and iPad (2, 3, and 4, Air2, Air4, Mini, Mini3, and Mini2).

Steps to Download MovieBox Using IOSEmus Installer:

Below is the complete installation process to have MovieBox app for iPad and iPhone using iOSEmus-installer.

  • Step-1: At first click on this given link from your iPhone and iPad device. Then you will get an iOSEmus page where you will see few icons, click on any one icon you like.
  • Step-2: You will now be directed to a page displaying Install profile. Just tap on the ‘install” option on the right corner.
  • Step-3: Now again a warning page will appear where you need to tap “install” again for confirmation.
  • Step-4: After tapping install now tap “done”. This is to finish up with your installation process.
  • Step-5: Now go to your device’s home screen and find for iOSEmus icon and then tap on it to open.
  • Step-6: Once you open the iOSEmus you will find ‘’apps” option on the top middle page, select it to find “MovieBox” app. Search “MovieBox” from the list and then click on it.
  • Step-7: Now after clicking on the MovieBox a page will appear where you will get “install” option.
  • Step-8: Now click on the ‘install” option to start the installation process for MovieBox, and then a page pops where you have to tap the “install” button again for confirmation.
  • Step-9: After this, the MovieBox app installation process will start. Wait until the process is complete. Once it is complete you will now see MovieBox icon on your device home screen. Here one more activity needs to be performed and that is verifying the developer of MovieBox.
  • Step-10: In order to verify you need to undergo few simple steps. First, go the “settings” segment and then “general” and then “profile & device management” and then select developer’s name of the app you are downloading under the “Developer App” section and then tap “Trust”.

This is all. Your download and installation of MovieBox for iPhone/iPad is all complete. Now enjoy unlimited streaming of videos, latest unlimited list of movies, music videos on your iOS device directly. You will never go out of stock as it keeps updating all the latest releases of TV episodes. You will also get old seasons of your favorite TV shows if you have missed them earlier, which means now your iOS device is no less than a DVD player.

Now enjoy unlimited watch of movies, download, and streaming. Download MovieBox app today and stay tuned for all your favorite shows, music videos and much more. You will never go backdated and always have all the happenings of the world within your palm just awaiting few taps and clicks. MovieBox for iPhone and iPad made the world of entertainment much bigger and interesting and more gripping. This app is very much worth having on your iOS devices.

MovieBox is one of the most interesting apps that you will ever want to have on iPhone and iPad. This app one shouldn’t miss having it. It is the best ever entertainment app. This MovieBox supports with and without jailbreak. All the download and installation details are here in this content, so you are worry free. This content has all the possible download methods of MovieBox. It runs on all the versions of iOS device from 5-10.

To all the movie geeks, hurry up and download MovieBox today and get lost in the world of entertainment. MovieBox app is flooded with all kinds of movies, music videos, TV shows, news and much more. Download and explore today the vast sphere of movies. Watch anytime anywhere on your iPad and iPhone.

Here you read all the latest updates of MovieBox and its installation procedure, so hope you will find no problem working on your iOS device. An entertainment app that costs nothing made it more familiar and highly acceptable.

But MovieBox is a very interesting application to talk about. There are loads happening in the whole world around us. But is it possible to know everything that’s going on? Or is it possible to know what all major news that is happening every hour? Is it possible to see someone live and talk to them who all are staying in a far away country? Or is it even possible to get your desired things delivered right from kitchen accessories to home decor accessories? The answer was very much no few decades ago; it was even out of one’s imagination. But if we think of now it is not even something to worry or think about. This wide world is now within our reach, just right in our palm with just a few taps. The technology blossomed in a way that it made almost impossible things possible and is still in the run to amaze people with their creative and unbelievable inventions. Smart phones were one of such inventions that made things simpler and easier. It made things reachable right to our door steps. Also, if you are an Android user (since MB isn’t available for the Android platform), we highly recommend the ShowBox App. It is free and the library is quite huge. You should go ahead and check that out.

A Brief Review on Apps Available these Days for Major Smartphones

The smart phone features and the services which we get through smart phones that make these things happen are the applications that work behind all these. It is through applications or which is commonly known as an app is responsible for such work process. Smartphones are a platform for running these apps. Application software helps to run such apps on smartphones. It helps all the apps to perform their tasks on phones that include creating spreadsheets, keeping records, controlling images, developing websites, calculating expenses and much more. It functions as per what task it is been asked to perform.

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It is specially designed to run on small wireless devices that are handy and easily accessible such as smartphones. The basic requirement o run apps is an internet connection, it is more like modern usage of software that we run on PC, only difference it us much smaller version and works on mobile phones. One of the most popular and favorite reasons behind using apps is it helps us to download various contents from the web such movies, music, videos, etc.

Entry of Apple iPhone/iPad in the world of Smart Phones:

Smartphones were just simply doing fine in the market of mobile phones and were accepted by almost all as it was something to feel easily attracted towards. While smartphones were ruling in the market the Apple smartphones suddenly brought a storm and shifted the market where people’s mind got dragged by i-Phones. Apple phones ruled for almost 4 years in this market and still ruling. Within this short amount of time, it made a huge impact on the users. It is one of the most highly influenced consumer gadgets.

  • When Apple Company first launched iPhone it transformed the world of smart handsets. Its incredible familiarity was something unbelievable, almost every mouth spoke of Apple. Apple brought a revolution in the world of software as well. It was the first smart device that made installation easier compared to other smart phone installations. iPhone thoroughly improved the world of downloading, installing, uninstalling, paying and discovering new apps. The new integration in the music world on iPhone also caught up with a number of music listeners. Apple even came with the innovative idea of onscreen keyboards. It was the first to push the user community into the onscreen keyboard in the era of smart handsets. Other developers thought it is completely impossible to have onscreen keyboards but apple ignored that thought and came up with the unbelievable fact.

Apple also created a massive urge towards orientation sensors and motion. These sensors made it helpful for users and developers to build amazing effects on sensors on phones. It was the iPhone that drove the gaming market to another level as the game developers are keen to merge with i-phone’s gaming world.

While software developers and scientists were busy researching about touch screen on computers, it was apple that came with touch screen computers. It changed the perception of people towards computer operating and also changed the world of computing.

  • Shifting our views a bit from smart handsets to tablets we will see apple made a revolutionary and incredible change in the sphere of tablets and iPads as well. Steve Jobs in 2010 on an event show off Apple introduced key invention of his life that once made a historic impact on consumers. Mac was introduced to the market many years before iPhone handsets but Jobs assured that people need something more advanced and significantly much improved and thus came iPad. The iPad was a magical creation by apple with a reasonably low price that was unbelievable. It is a device that made an intense connection with its app and the users. It was a fun and very much user-friendly gadget to be used. The iPad by apple was almost considered as a big iPhone. You can have millions of apps on iPad.

It enables you to have an access over apps that you require on your daily activities. iPad serves you with things that one loves to do. The iPad brings the world of entertainment within your reach just by few taps. There are tons of entertainment apps that you can download on your iPad and enjoy them whenever wherever you want.

Latest iPad sets came with more features with more new sleek and shiny look that are bound to attract the users. If you are very much into the world of gadgets from apple then iPhone and an iPad set is something that one will never go bored of. Daily inventions of new apps made its usage rise more every day. People are all getting drowned into the world of apps wit growing time. Its distinctive features, facility, high-speed accessibility, smooth touch effect, enhanced quality and much more had made it a solo hit performer in the market of electronic gadgets especially in the segment of smart handsets.

Apps and World of iPhone & iPads:

It is indeed obvious that if you have an iPhone or iPad or planning to have one after reading this content, you will not sit ideal with the phone gazing at it and wondering now you have a worthy set on your hand. Of course, you want to download apps and build a healthy connection with your phone that will be of great help to you and your daily life as well.

The Apple app store from where you can download plenty of apps of different apps that will not let you miss anything. Below is a short review on the types of app that you get from the Apple App Store.

  • Gaming Apps: Gaming app includes gaming software that enables us all to play all games on your smart handsets.
  • Education apps: Education apps are for those who want to stay updated with all the educational tips.
  • Business Apps: These kinds of apps helps in organizing stuff on your gadgets that are a part of your working field. It helps you to keep a record of all the events and stuffs like that.
  • Life Style apps: These apps include all sorts of fitness regimes, healthy diet charts, and many such tips and tricks along with videos.
  • Entertainment apps: Amongst all the apps entertainment apps are the most talked about apps. The entertainment apps get the highest number of downloads.

There are dozens of in-built apps in apple. Many are paid while some are free of cost. Knowing almost everything about apple world in a nut shell this content today will focus on an entertainment app and everything regarding its download and usage process, how to install it on your iPhone, iPad and run on your handsets successfully.

As you can see here, the world of smartphones and apps is huge and has such a huge scope when it comes to content. This was a post about Movie Box app and we mentioned all the ways that you can use to install MovieBox on your iOS device.