Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS)

You probably experience times when you have a lot of spare time on your hands and absolutely nothing to do. It is at such times that boredom can really be a nagging force. I suppose that’s the number 1 reason they invented entertainment; to get rid of boredom. Well, with smartphones so rapidly and effectively taking over the 21st century, you have the ability to entertain yourself right at the tip of your fingers.

Welcome to the world of streaming, where you can watch anything, anywhere, without having to first download it to your phone. You can watch it on demand. And, with some services, you can come back however much later you want and pick up right where you left off! All the entertainment in the world, waiting for you to just discover it and watch it. And some really cool people on the planet, the type of people we would like to have more of, have gone out there and made neat little apps that make the process of finding this entertainment even more intuitive and easy for you. Enter the movie app!

Mind you, both movies and series are available and you can watch them on these movie apps. We’ve probably got you curious by now and you want to know which apps to get. Well, that is exactly what we’re here for. We’ve gone out there and compiled a great list of movie apps for both Android and IOS phones that we believe will just blow your mind away. We’re going to start with the top ones for android and then move on to IOS. So, here goes…

Best Free Movie Apps For Android

1. Showbox App


Show Box is by far the most popular android movie app out there. I have never struggled to find the setbacks of an app as much as I have suffered to find the setbacks of this one. Show Box offers practically countless offers and and is the number one app for millions of people out there. It’s available as an apk file from their website so don’t go looking for it on Playstore.

2. Viewster App


Viewster is the leading streaming app in the Europe region and offers many genre options including action, comedy, animation, horror, sci-fi and so on. It’s particularly popular for anime lovers as the amount of anime on it is remarkable. You can also get a lot of Hollywood movies too!

3. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

Google’s own application allows you to stream movies from their wide collection while also allowing you to download the ones you want. So if you want to download the movie for viewing later, this app is your best option with over 40 download features and fast downloads in just a few clicks.

4. Crackle


Crackle is a serious contender for Show Box’s position on this list. The app offers lots of different genres to stream and also a download service for those who would rather have the movie on their phone. The best part of this app, however, is its design as far as the user interface is concerned. You’ll just love it!

5. Flipps TV

Flipps TV

It’s an online television. It comes with a great package to keep you entertained 24/7 with movies and series as well as a live program. Movies, series, sports, news, events being streamed live. This little app has nearly everything. It’s in HD too!

6. Popcorn Flix


This neat little app keeps updating its collection of hundreds of movies every day and has almost every genre you can think of in its database. It is one of the most popular free streaming apps and keeps on delivering top notch content year in year out.

7. Netflix


This is by far the most popular streaming app in the world! It hosts a whole bunch of movies and series you can stream online and watch at whatever pace you like. You can leave a movie at a certain point, come back a week later and pick it up from that very point! It is paid, as you may know, but it made this list because of the 1-month free trial that you can enjoy on it.

8. JustWatch


This great app lets you search for a movie or series that you want to watch and tells you if it is available to be streamed and from which service provider. It sources from multiple sources including Netflix and Hulu.

9. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla is an innovative app that has chosen to redefine the way we stream movies online. It allows you to borrow music, movies, and even ebooks for free with nothing more than your library card! With this model, you can find most of what you’re likely to look for on this app from indie editions to your favorite Hollywood titles.

10. Free Movies

Free Movies

What a great and fitting name! This wonderful app has thousands of movies and series in its collection, up to 5000! It will let you watch all of them for free by streaming them online. Better yet, it won’t ask you to install Flash player because it runs on HTML5 technology. Neat deal if you ask me!

11. Watch Documentary App


Do you like watching documentaries and want a place where you can access all the documentaries you’ll ever need? You might be the type of person who prefers using video to learn new things and wants to spend their time watching this genre that is slowly growing in popularity around the world. The Watch Documentary app is a great app that will bring you people’s stories that will open up your mind to the things going on around you. This app is only available for Android. I can see you smiling, dear Android user.

Best Free Movie Apps For iOS

1. Movie Box

Movie Box

This is an IOS replica of Android’s Show Box. It has loads of movies and series that you can stream online for free and offers the same great experience that Show Box offers. Another one of those great apps that allow IOS users to enjoy the same good stuff that Android users get.

2. Viewster


We’ve talked about Viewster in the section on Android. Well it turns out this great app is available for IOS as well so you can enjoy it if you own an apple. Don’t forget it’s ideal if you’re an anime fan and it happens to be the most popular in Europe! So I suppose that’s a plus if you’re European since you get to join the bandwagon.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

This standalone app offers a lot of original content that leaves you questioning just what the point is of paying subscriptions to watch stuff online on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu when the same original content by apps like Tubi TV is still just as good. It’s free so download it for yourself and get the experience yourself. I would love to hear your opinion after a while.

4. Snag Films


Snag Films is one of those multiplatform apps that allow Apple users to enjoy the same experiences that android users get to enjoy. Historically, options have been fewer for IOS customers but with this app, you get a catalog of over 5000 free movies and series to watch in just about every genre you can think of.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket

This particular app is the �hot’ thing in India. The pun was definitely intended! You can get some really cool television shows on this app like Game of Thrones and others. It happens to have a large catalog and a great UI. If you aren’t in India you’ll have to go to their website to enjoy their services.

6. Popcorn Time

PopCorn Time

Now, this particular app is a little risky and depends on the laws in your country. It is reputed as a free competitor for Netflix and sources from torrent links all over the internet to get its movies and series. That means it is likely to be illegal in some countries. You’ll have to do your research before you start using it. However, if it is legal in your country, do not hesitate to use it!

7. Yidio


Yidio isn’t an app with its own catalog of movies and series. But it is something far more powerful than that. It’s a search engine for streamable content. You can type in what you’re looking for into Yidio and it will search online and tell you where that piece of content is available, whether you need to pay to watch it, and what your cheapest options are. It is invaluable for anyone looking for where to get the best deal on their content. And it does all this work for you for free!

8. Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video

This is Amazon’s answer to Netflix. Ideally, it is paid but it also has a 1 month free trial just like Netflix so you can experience the goodness for one month. It has great Amazon Prime originals like The Man In The High Castle as well as lots of others from licenses with networks. Amazon Prime Video also allows you to download content from the app for no extra cost. You can also watch things that aren’t Amazon Prime originals and aren’t licensed to Amazon by paying nominal fees. A good example is HBO productions like Game of Thrones. It also comes with so many other extras that it is a great option overall. For example, there is the 1-day shipping for products you buy from Amazon. There is also the free e-books plan that comes with it and the Amazon Prime Music package that allows you to stream music for free. It is probably the best deal on this whole package.

9. Hulu


This service was formally known as Hulu Plus. Hulu is a wonderful app if you want to watch the latest episodes of the latest shows from your favorite television networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, FX, Comedy Central, MTV, PBS and much more. It also has Cartoon Network and Disney so your child gets entertained too! It has a lot of great features that you’ll enjoy and fall in love with the app for. These include the latest HD episodes from your favorite channels as well as streaming kids’ favorite cartoons and shows from channels like Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

10. Voot


Voot is based in India and is owned by Viacom, one of the fastest growing on-demand Digital services in India. It offers a lot of international channels as well as local Indian content for people who love to watch Bollywood content. All this content can be found right on Voot, the go-to platform for international movies and series including many Hollywood blockbusters as well as Indian movies and TV shows and music all being delivered to your IOS platform absolutely free!

Voot’steam will personally cherry pick the best movies and show to watch and you get a lot of other great features that enhance your experience with the app. These include the ability to send custom shout outs for each video so you can recommend it to your friends and family. The app will also remember where you left off when you were watching a particular video and the very next time you’re logging in it will pick up where you left off. This feature is usually found in paid apps like Netflix and Hulu so you can imagine how much value it adds to a free app like Voot. Voot is also compatible with Chromecast, enabling you to enjoy all the content right on your TV set! I don’t think the deal gets any better than this!

11. YouTube


Okay, we all know this app is available for both Android and IOS users but I specifically added it to the list for IOS users because I think YouTube is the great equalizer. It enables the IOS user to experience everything the Android user experiences and more. You can watch free movies on YouTube simply by searching the movie name and finding a good quality one posted by any YouTube User. It also offers a section where you can watch the latest movies but you’ll have to pay for them.


So there you have it, a comprehensive list of what the best is out there in terms of movie apps. We made both lists balanced with the best movie apps in each category so you get nothing but quality whether you’re an Android user or an IOS user. The world of entertainment awaits. Go out there and have an adventure, it’s what that smartphone in your hand was probably built for anyway!

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