Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS)

You probably experience times when you have a lot of spare time on your hands and absolutely nothing to do. It is at such times that boredom can really be a nagging force. I suppose that’s the number 1 reason they invented entertainment; to get rid of boredom. Well, with smartphones so rapidly and effectively taking over the 21st century, you have the ability to entertain yourself right at the tip of your fingers. Welcome to the world of streaming, where you can watch anything, anywhere, without having to first download it to your phone. You can watch it on […]

Top 10 Best Genius / Intellectual Movies of All Time

The best movies of all time can be categorized in many ways. But this time, the movies explore the intellectual ability of the characters. Most of these movies have continued gaining popularity over the years. Others may have been unpopular in the past, but they eventually found their audience down the line. 1. Beautiful mind This movie which lasts 123 minutes highlights the life of a good mathematician. This main character does not enjoy going out for social outings and interacting with others that much. He is naturally an asocial character and he is happy with it for a while. […]

Movie Box for PC App Download (Windows and Mac)

Movie Box is a very popular app that you all have heard. Those who are movie freak and entertainment lovers may have also used this app on their smart phones. A briefing about this Movie Box app for those who doesn’t have any knowledge about this amazing app. Movie box is an application developed for streaming torrent videos and enables it to play on the device, without jailbreak. All you need is a good internet connection. Good news is Movie Box app is now officially for Windows PC and MAC platform. You can have Movie Box for PC and iOS […]

MovieBox APK Download for Android – Latest Version

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Everyone does. In these recent times, the movie industry has produced some of the best media content known to man, at least compared to recent times. The storyline may not be intimating all the time, but the visuals are enough to take our breath away. Dr. Strange, Dawn of Justice, Batman vs. Superman are only some of the examples and the beginning of a whole new world as we see it. The visuals and the action will get better with the passage of time, and with the new 4k resolution display kicking in, we […]