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Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Everyone does. In these recent times, the movie industry has produced some of the best media content known to man, at least compared to recent times. The storyline may not be intimating all the time, but the visuals are enough to take our breath away. Dr. Strange, Dawn of Justice, Batman vs. Superman are only some of the examples and the beginning of a whole new world as we see it. The visuals and the action will get better with the passage of time, and with the new 4k resolution display kicking in, we are in for a hell of a future.

Not just movies. TV shows seem to shine much better and shinier than movies. Shows like West World, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Mr. Robot, The Walking Dead are a few of the examples of the shows that are guaranteed to leave you in awe and will force you to stick to your television or computer, whichever device you use, in order to squeeze out one more episode. These shows are created to make people addicts, and one has to see in order to believe.

Now in recent times, the security measures have been bumped up, by authorities in order to keep a check on piracy. People generally used torrent sites in order to download the media they so desired. But, with torrents sites shutting down all over the world, the window of obtaining of these media contents is slowly vanishing. Most of the torrents sites have either shut down or change their domain name on an almost daily basis, in order steer clear of the authorities. So it is proving to be quite a problem to keep up with the torrents. One needs to have a viable alternative to acquire these movies and reality shows. Not everyone can shed 300 to 400 bucks for a movie, so there has to be an alternative.

Movie Box for Android

MovieBox for Android your one stop solution for movie and TV show crisis. MovieBox apk is an android live streaming app. You can use it to stream movies, TV shows and etc. There are tons of apps out there but this one stands out, because of its sheer optimization, and usability. It also has a feature where you can download a movie and watch it afterward. in terms of usability, it stands apart from all other apps in the market. The app also boasts a news section, where you can learn about any upcoming movies and TV shows. There is also a mini shop section, where you can buy movie goodies, such as a digital poster of your favorite movie stars and any cut scenes of your interest.

This app isn’t available on the play store for obvious reasons. Movie Box APK offers movies and TV shows without any cost, so the play store will not be getting any revenue, and on top of that may be accused of piracy. Hence, the app has to be downloaded from and external website and has to installed manually. However, it is assured that the pain and extra bit of effort are worth it. it is a very popular app and offers a lot of genres for the users to explore. From romance to tragedy, to horror, science fiction, comedy and even the old movies from as early as the 40s can also be found here, on MovieBox.

Movie Box Features

Here are  few shortlisted feature of the app, to help you better understand its usability:

  • Free to Download: The app is completely free. You can get from the internet in a link that will be provided afterward. After installation, you do not have to register or anything. The app is completely free to use. There will be ads and all, but other than that it doesn’t cost a penny.
  • Compatibility: The app is compatible with both android and iOS devices. No matter that platform, if you’re an iOS user, do not fret. The app can also be used on iOS devices. For that, you have to jailbreak your iPhone, but it’s totally worth it. The app is not available on PC, per se. in order to access the app o PC, you need to download Bluetacks and then install the apk file on the emulator. The link to Bluestacks will be provided afterwards.
  • Online streaming: Stream movies and videos online, without any lag or stutter. If something does catch your eyes, you can always download and save it for future viewing.
  • TV Shows: If you have missed an episode of your favorite TV show, have no fear, movie box has it covered. The app also has a huge collection of TV shows to browse from. You can either watch them on air, or you can download and watch it later, whenever you so desire.
  • News: The news section flashes all relative information regarding upcoming movies and tv shows. You can also leave reviews and comments on the threads of the news, and talk with fellow movie lovers.
  • Favorites: The favorite section helps you to save your favorite movies and TV shows in a particular area, for easy and quick access. It’s like the playlist on your mobile phone. You can also add an on-going series to a playlist. So, whenever a new episode is released, it will automatically get added to the playlist, and you will not have to scour the website for the content.
  • Sharing: Want to recommend your friend to an awesome movie you have just witnessed? Just click on the share button and you’re done. Movie box share feature is super easy and well optimized. After sharing, choose the social media platform on which you wish to share the information, and it will be done. You can also share your previously saved playlists with your friends have fun watching them together.
  • Descriptions: The movie icons are often followed by a brief description which speaks about the movie, a little synopsis. This is extremely important if you want to want to watch new movies and don’t know anything about them. The description gives you an idea of what to expect.
  • Language Support: The app supports a majority of languages like Turkish, French, English, etc. which goes on to testify its wide user base.
  • Search: There is a search option available on the top of the page of the app where you can search for your movies. There is an advanced search available so that you can narrow down your search to some specific results. The fields include genre, year, director, etc.
  • IMDB Ratings: The app reels in IMDB ratings onto its own interface. Hence, the info you get regarding the movies is 100 percent original and authentic, and come from the best critics, all around the world.

Steps to Download Movie Box on Android:

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is download the Movie Box APK In order to download click here. Register to your dropbox account and download the apk fie.
  • The movie box app isn’t available on the Google plays tore, hence, the alternative.
  • Many developers out there are making people download malicious software in the name of Movie Box for Android. Steer clear of such websites. The link provided here is authentic and verified and tested for bugs and viruses.
  • Before you install the app into your phone, make sure you have enabled the “unknown sources” from your mobile phone. Go to settings -> Security -> Unknown Resources. Activate the “unknown resources” option and you will be able to install apk files externally and without the help of play store.
  • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the app, and hit install.
  • Now install click on the app and hit install. If the previous step isn’t done, you will be presented with a warning box, which says that this app may harm your device. Do not be frightened, that’s just standard protocol. This app will in no way harm your device.
  • Once the installation is finished, an icon will appear on to the home screen. Tap on it, and you’re good to go.

Installing Movie Box on PC

Installing the MovieBox App on PC can be a bit tricky since the app isn’t supported on PC. It’s tricky, but not impossible. Follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time:

  • In order to install MovieBox for Android, you will need an android emulator known as Bluestacks. Click here and you will be redirected to the website, and Bluestacks will be downloaded on to your PC. At first, an installer will be downloaded. Install it, and sign in using your google account. The emulator behaves like an android device.
  • Next, download the Movie Box into your PC. After Bluestacks has finished installing and you have done signing in, drag and drop the apk file onto the emulator. It will be installed shortly.
  • After the app is installed, you’re good to go.

Some additional info

Not only movies but the app also boasts a huge collection of anime for the otakus all around the world. All you need is a Wi-Fi or a 3G+ connection for smooth surfing. Videos are also available in 1080p. The database is also regularly updated to keep the users entertained. The simple yet elegant black theme is pleasing to the eyes and comes handy in those long hours of movie streaming. It puts less strain on the eyes.

There aren’t many apps available on the internet that supports this amount of functionality, totally free of cost. The app comes with ads which the user has to put up with. In light of the features that it offers, a few ads will not be much of a headache.

On the android platform, movie box goes by the name Shadow Box, so if you’re searches aren’t yielding any results, then don’t worry, you were using the wrong keywords. Once finished installing open the app. The interface contains five sub sections, anime, movies, shows, my library and updates. In order to view the media content, tap on any of the following tabs. You will be presented with a grid-like view of movies, or TV shows or animes, depending upon your selection. After you select the options, you will be redirected to the selected media. The new page will contain an enlarged poster, beside which there will be description about the media, followed by ratings and reviews by the previous viewers. All the ratings are referred from IMDB before showcasing on the app, so they are original to the last percentage. You can either view the movie directly or download it for later. There is also a share option and an “add to favorite’s option”.

In my library, the app maintains a list of the media that you are viewing, much like a history section. After that, there is a default playlist, “Favorites”, where all your saved movies are stored for quick access. You can more playlists into the “My Library” section.

As said before, the updates pretty frequently to keep its database updated, as new movies are continuously released into the world. The updates section contains any kind of news related to the upcoming or available updates. Once an update is available, a notification will pop in that section. You have the option to update in right away or do it later. It is advised that you update the app as quickly as possible. New movies are added almost every day, and if you don’t update regularly, you may miss out on some of the movies.

All in all, Movie Box for Android is an outstanding app, boasting a huge collection of movies and other media content. It is a one stop solution for movie lovers. Finding all your needs in one place, and that too, in a much-organised way, isn’t something that you find every day.

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